Activation of Bystanders campaign

It is more important than ever for bystanders to play a role in maintaining community harmony by saying no to Islamophobia. Here are just some of the ways you can be an upstander:

  • intervene and say something, where it is safe to do so
  • check in with the victim to see if they’re okay
  • report to authorities
  • report to the Islamophobia Register Australia

Find out more about our #ActivationofBystanders campaign here. 

This video is part of our Activation of Bystanders campaign. Funding for this campaign has been provided by the NSW government through Multicultural NSW. #dontstandbystandup #bystander

4th Islamophobia in Australia Report Launch (2016-2021)

Islamophobia Register Australia proudly launches its 4th Islamophobia In Australia Report in partnership with Charles Sturt University and ISRA. 

Congratulations to Dr Derya Iner, head researcher and Deputy Chair of the Islamophobia Register Australia for leading the research of this academic paper.

Islamophobia. It’s real.

On 15 March, we remember the 51 Muslims who were brutally killed in the Christchurch terror attack on this day in 2019. Today also marks the International Day to Combat Islamophobia.

Islamophobia. It’s real.

The Register tracks and tackles Islamophobia, including by providing support to victims of Islamophobia in Australia and through conducting crucial academic research into Islamophobia in Australia. Please donate to the Register today to help us continue our vital work.

Islamophobia and Mental Health

The Islamophobia Register Australia and Centre for Muslim Wellbeing are proud to present a three-part video series on Islamophobia and mental health.