About reporting

Find out about what you can report, why report, who can report and how to report here. 

What to report?

Any Islamophobic incident or Islamophobic content, whether offline or online, can be reported. Most Islamophobia incidents can be categorised in the following groups:

    Assaults or attacks on persons of Muslim background

    Attacks on Muslim property or institutions

    Verbal abuse and hate speech/social media abuse

    Any form of discrimination in a public or private environment

    Why report?

    Reporting your incident to us will allow us to:

    • Link you to culturally sensitive mental health support
    • Link you to seek free legal support through our pro-bono partners
    • Provide advocacy in certain circumstances
    • Track Islamophobia within Australia through data collection and analysis
    • Produce academic reports which are published biennially based on the data analysis.
    • These reports have a profound impact and act as a catalyst for much-needed change.

    Who can report?

    You can report incidents of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiments if:


    • You are the victim who had the Islamophobic behaviour directed at you (whether it is because of your Islamic faith or perceived Islamic faith) OR;
    • You have personal knowledge (directly witnessed an incident or heard about an incident) of Islamophobic behaviour that fits within the categories listed below.

    How to report?

    You can report using our online reporting tool here.

    Additional reporting avenues:


    • Send an sms text with incident details to +61 421 071 361
    • Request a call back by sending an sms to +61 421 071 361
    • Send a voice memo with incident details to +61 421 071 361
    • Send a message to our Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn pages
    • Send an email to report@islamophobia.com.au

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