Our Team

Meet our dedicated team members

Sharara Attai


Since joining as Executive Director in December 2022, Sharara has overseen the publication and release of the 4th Islamophobia in Australia report. In May 2023, under Sharara’s leadership the Islamophobia Register Australia was nominated for the 2023 ZEST awards in the category of ‘Outstanding Project: Building Stronger Inclusive Communities’.

 Sharara is currently leading the development of a number of exciting new initiatives for the Register.

Sharara is passionate about helping victims of Islamophobia to regain confidence, working to create an environment where Muslims in Australia can feel safe, open and comfortable about their faith and showcasing the beauty and diversity of the Muslim community in Australia.

Prior to joining the Register, Sharara was a human rights lawyer who had practised refugee law for 8 years. During her years of practice, she gave legal advice, assistance and representation to countless asylum seekers and refugees from a wide variety of countries. Sharara is also a picture book author.

Sana Afiouni 


Sana established and continues to manage the Register’s victim support service. She has formed referral pathways to mental health providers as well other support networks across Australia. With these in place, she works with victims to assist them in seeking the support they need.  

Sana also leads the Register’s digital marketing including social media in both creating content and running social media campaigns. 

She is passionate about bridging the gap between the Muslim & non-Muslim communities. 


    Sabreen Hussain


    Sabreen has helped establish partnerships and working relationships between the Islamophobia Register Australia and a wide array of law firms. These include top-tier commercial firms that specialise in many areas including employment law, criminal law firms, and workers compensation firms.

    Sabreen works with victims of Islamophobia to understand their matter and connect them with the appropriate law firm, who can provide Pro Bono legal support. 


      Abir Roz


      Abir has many years of experience working with community organisations, striving to empower, support and advocate on behalf of Muslim women and their families.

      Her role at the Register, has focused on developing educational resources and delivering training for different stakeholders. This is in hopes of increasing overall awareness of Islamophobia, how to address it, and report it.