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Access all reports published by the Register on this page. The Register’s ‘Islamophobia in Australia’ reports are a first of its kind in Australia and helped bridge a unique gap in terms of research in this under-resourced area.



Latest publication: A War of Words: Preliminary Media Analysis of the 2023 Israel-Gaza War

This academic report was commissioned by the Islamophobia Register Australia and conducted by Dr Susan Carland.

The research analysed the Instagram accounts of Australian news outlets, revealing an imbalance in reporting of the Israel-Gaza situation.

The research examined media posts made from ABC News, The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, 9News, news.com.au and The Daily Aus between October 7th and November 7th 2023.

Latest Islamophobia in
Australia Report

The Islamophobia Register in partnership with Charles Sturt University and ISRA is proud to publish the fourth Islamophobia Report on 21st March 2023 on the UN declared International Day to Eliminate Discrimination. It also marks 4 years on from the Christchurch Terror Attack.

This report covers data between 2020-2021 but also compiles data since 2014 when the Register was founded.

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